Fellows Ashoka Brasil

Os Fellows são empreendedores sociais reconhecidos pela Ashoka por terem soluções inovadoras para os principais problemas sociais que enfrentamos, com verdadeiro potencial para mudar padrões na sociedade. Eles demonstram grande comprometimento com suas causas e seus projetos, provando que empatia, criatividade e colaboração são poderosas ferramentas para promover transformações sustentáveis e sistêmicas. Os empreendedores sociais da Ashoka estão espalhados por mais de 60 países ao redor do mundo, e atuam nos mais diversos campos.

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Cidade: Petrolandia
Campo de trabalho: Learning/Education

Edvalda Torres is developing a new approach to rural education that demonstrates community engagement in the educational process and employs a curriculum that is organized around everyday experience and pressing community needs. She is implementing that approach in a highly successful rural school in a poor community in the interior of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Cidade: Fortaleza
Campo de trabalho: Learning/Education

Manoel Andrade is ensuring that low-income, rural Brazilian youth receive the education they need to attend universities, become self-sufficient, and inspire future generations of students to attend school. His program focuses on strengthening rural communities themselves; creating bonds between academic institutions and students, developing forums for discussion, and transforming the way...

Cidade: Curitiba
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Rodrigo Brito created the Entrepreneurs Alliance to develop, together with small businesses, infrastructure and quality services to increase income and profit in low-income communities that are normally excluded from the market. The Alliance facilitates a support network with businessmen, students, free-lancers, corporations, and the government, to assure the sustainability of small business...

Campo de trabalho: Learning/Education

Jaílson de Souza e Silva grew up in one of Rio de Janeiro’s infamous slums, or favelas, is working to link academic research on slum life to the many plans and policies that try to improve slum conditions.

Cidade: Sao Paulo
Campo de trabalho: Civic Engagement

By combining elements of history, genealogy, and geography, Carlos Sampaio is creating an initiative to guarantee land rights and citizenship for low-income families in Brazil. 

Campo de trabalho: Environment

Benki Piyãko, leader of an indigenous community in the Amazonian state of Acre, is increasing the capacity of indigenous peoples to defend their land against outside exploitation. In the process, he teaches these communities improved land management techniques to both benefit from their natural resources and preserve a rich and unique ecosystem.

Campo de trabalho: Learning/Education

Professionals with extensive experience in the existing day care system, Silvia and partner Lenira Haddad are redefining day care, upgrading it from "babysitting" to a comprehensive educational, nutritional and health care service.

Cidade: Alta Floresta
Campo de trabalho: Environment

By introducing an impressive array of environmentally-friendly economic development projects to the Amazon’s most deforested region, Vitória da Riva Carvalho is proving that conservation does not have to come at the expense of economic growth. She is creating entirely new value chains around low-impact tourism, while protecting the forest and incentivizing cutting-edge environmental research...

Campo de trabalho: Economic Development
Cidade: São Paulo
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Lucia Nader is working to hold the Brazilian government accountable for its foreign policy regarding human rights, and is breaking a long history of South-South complicity of inaction and supposed neutrality.