Fellows Ashoka Brasil

Os Fellows são empreendedores sociais reconhecidos pela Ashoka por terem soluções inovadoras para os principais problemas sociais que enfrentamos, com verdadeiro potencial para mudar padrões na sociedade. Eles demonstram grande comprometimento com suas causas e seus projetos, provando que empatia, criatividade e colaboração são poderosas ferramentas para promover transformações sustentáveis e sistêmicas. Os empreendedores sociais da Ashoka estão espalhados por mais de 60 países ao redor do mundo, e atuam nos mais diversos campos.

Leia mais sobre os Fellows da Ashoka no site da Ashoka Global.

Cidade: Curitiba
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Fernando Botelho helps educate and prepare people with visual disabilities and few resources, through an affordable and adaptable open source technology that is easily implemented in schools and facilities around the world. 

Campo de trabalho: Learning/Education

Márcia Ventura Dias reintegrates street children into society by providing safe alternatives to the street and supporting them in shelters that help them to cope with their past traumas. She works to humanize the children in the eyes of society and influence public institutions to create new models for sheltering at-risk children.   

Cidade: Fortaleza
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Through the “Banco Palmas” (a People’s Bank), Joaquim is pioneering a community-based economic system by identifying and developing the assets of his community.

Cidade: Fortaleza
Campo de trabalho: Civic Engagement

In the field of communications, there is a striking power imbalance between big urban centers—which generally act as content producers—and rural communities—which typically become content consumers. It is precisely because this situation perpetuates social inequalities that Edgard Patrício created a network of radio broadcasters, community members and thematic experts to produce and...

Cidade: Cuiabá
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Pablo Capilé has created a model for a successful professional livelihood in music, art, and other cultural arenas based on collaboration and collective work as a viable alternative to the often-false hope of individual fame and fortune.

Cidade: Santarém
Campo de trabalho: Health

Eugenio Scanavino Netto, a young physician works in the Amazon region promoting health and environmental education in isolated communities. He uses theater and his "Health and Happiness" circus to educate rural Brazilian citizens and good health and medical practices.

Cidade: São Paulo
Campo de trabalho: Environment

With their expertise in agriculture, Hans Dieter Temp has been facilitating community vegetable gardens for people in urban areas marked by violence and a loss of social cohesion; thus providing a sense of self-worth, dignity, and community. Through these gardens, Hans is creating opportunities to improve peoples’ quality of life, generate economic sustainability, and rebuild the social fabric...

Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Juan Pablo is changing the way in which Chilean society relates and solves problems. Through a series of initiatives and related organizations, he is driving collaboration between all social sectors, promoting social innovation in B Corporations, government, and civil society to generate solutions to current social and environmental issues.

Cidade: Rio de Janeiro
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

By bringing Brazil’s traditional foods like cassava back to life in top culinary markets, Teresa Corção is helping both small farmers and the country’s health. 

Cidade: Diadema
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Gregory Smith understands the challenges of children who have become dependent on their street lives. Re-envisioning foster care, his program rehabilitates street children and ultimately places them with families after appropriate interventions.