Fellows Ashoka Brasil

Os Fellows são empreendedores sociais reconhecidos pela Ashoka por terem soluções inovadoras para os principais problemas sociais que enfrentamos, com verdadeiro potencial para mudar padrões na sociedade. Eles demonstram grande comprometimento com suas causas e seus projetos, provando que empatia, criatividade e colaboração são poderosas ferramentas para promover transformações sustentáveis e sistêmicas. Os empreendedores sociais da Ashoka estão espalhados por mais de 60 países ao redor do mundo, e atuam nos mais diversos campos.

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Campo de trabalho: Economic Development
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Although almost half the population has some African ancestry, Brazilian schools do a poor job of teaching about African history, culture and the heritage of Afro-Brazilians. Abdu Ferraz is helping schools as well as businesses to embrace a more positive image of Africa and the opportunities it presents.

Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Mass communication plays a key role in cementing cultural beliefs about gender and behaviors that may encourage discrimination. Jacira Melo founded the Instituto Patrícia Galvão to join together media and women’s rights organizations so that they could collaborate on issues of gender discrimination, violence towards women and strategies to counteract the male-dominant culture of Brazil. To...

Cidade: Rio de Janeiro
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

With a developed set of interventions to prevent violence before it ever occurs, Gary Barker is changing the culture of violence in marginalized communities in Brazil and around the world.

Cidade: Belo Horizonte
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Brazilian catadores collect waste materials in urban garbage dumps, often sleeping alongside the trash from which they eke their modest living. Increased urban migration and exploitative middlemen only compound the problems of this economically stressed group. Dona Geralda Marçal, a catadora since age 8, has developed a new approach and an infrastructure to connect these garbage workers to the...

Campo de trabalho: Civic Engagement

Celso Grecco’s Social Stock Market builds social investment mechanisms directly into the structure of Brazil’s largest stock exchange. The first of its kind, BVS pairs the financial efficiency of the stock market with the social demand for private investments.

Cidade: Rio Branco
Campo de trabalho: Environment

Antonio Luiz Macedo, a rubber tapper, is experimenting with many new ways of making the rain forest more productive. If he succeeds in making Jurua, a large Amazonian extractive reserve on the Bolivian border, an economic and organizational success, this new approach in harmonizing the needs of people and the forest will gain great new credibility.

Cidade: Curitiba
Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

Fernando Botelho helps educate and prepare people with visual disabilities and few resources, through an affordable and adaptable open source technology that is easily implemented in schools and facilities around the world. 

Cidade: Sao Paolo
Campo de trabalho: Economic Development

Starting at Brazil’s most prestigious business school, Felipe Bannitz has launched a nationwide initiative to integrate university resources into the social sector, providing financial and technical assistance to microentrepreneurs through the first “junior bank.”

Campo de trabalho: Human Rights

The state of Roraima along Brazil’s northern border was the last state to be colonized through a process of dislocation and enslavement. Through the Indigenous Council of Roraima, Joênia Wapichana enables indigenous people to take charge of their rights.