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Antonio Luiz Macedo, a rubber tapper, is experimenting with many new ways of making the rain forest more productive. If he succeeds in making Jurua, a large Amazonian extractive reserve on the Bolivian border, an economic and organizational success, this new approach in harmonizing the needs of people and the forest will gain great new credibility.

Organization: Video na Aldeia

Brazil's more than 200 indigenous peoples are largely voiceless and suffer from the country's worst living conditions. They are often perceived by mainstream society as unusual, primitive, or violent. Vincent Carelli battles such prejudice and discrimination with Video in the Villages, a program that empowers indigenous peoples and changes mainstream societal perceptions.

Organization: Imaflora

Luis Fernando created the first unified agriculture certification system in Brazil and the world’s first certification standard for sugarcane to promote responsible agricultural practices. He is now sharing his success cases and partnering with key public and private actors to tackle deforestation in Brazil and beyond.

Organization: Associação Missão Tremembé

Maria Amélia Leite helps indigenous groups to reclaim and value their cultural identity, to join together as a politically powerful indigenous movement, and to defend their rights to land and public services.

Organization: GRUMIN

Eliane Lima dos Santos, otherwise known as Eliane Potiguara, a member of the Potiguara tribe, has organized a nationwide network of indigenous women in an effort to guarantee a better future for Brazil's 220,000 Indians.

Organization: Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia

Antônio José Motta Bentes Rodríguez is developing a strategy for participatory and sustainable forestry management where the organization and mobilization of the community is the key to the efficient use of wood resources. This strategy is being replicated in conservation units, where new conservation laws do not permit families to subsist from the forests, and is resulting in new models for...

Benki Piyãko, leader of an indigenous community in the Amazonian state of Acre, is increasing the capacity of indigenous peoples to defend their land against outside exploitation. In the process, he teaches these communities improved land management techniques to both benefit from their natural resources and preserve a rich and unique ecosystem.

Carlos Alberto “Beto” Ricardo has been a staunch defender of environmental and indigenous rights for the past 35 years. Beto is spearheading a socioenvironmental development approach in Brazil, which brings the traditional knowledge and wisdom of indigenous groups to the forefront and entrenches their rights through public policy changes and economic undertakings.

Organization: ONG Familia Brasil

By combining elements of history, genealogy, and geography, Carlos Sampaio is creating an initiative to guarantee land rights and citizenship for low-income families in Brazil. 

Years before international media showed the world shocking images of Amazon Indians suffering and dying from contact with white invaders, Marcio Santilli, 35, has championed indigenous peoples' rights in Brazil. That is why as a federal deputy he was named to the congressional commission on Indian affairs.It was an important moment for indigenous peoples in Brazil, because the Congress was...

Organization: Projeto Saúde e Alegria

Eugenio Scanavino Netto, a young physician works in the Amazon region promoting health and environmental education in isolated communities. He uses theater and his "Health and Happiness" circus to educate rural Brazilian citizens and good health and medical practices.

Terri Valle de Aquino grew up in Acre, the very poor and thinly populated state on the southwestern edge of Brazil's Amazon basin. He returned to work with the indigenous peoples there and is now setting out to help them and their traditional enemies, the rubber tappers, learn to collaborate and work together economically and politically. This collaboration is as important to the rainforest as...

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