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Organization: Lua Nova

Raquel Barros' new approach is rehabilitating young, low-income, chemically dependent mothers, an underserved population in Brazil. By allowing mothers to keep their children with them during treatment, Raquel is changing the model of drug rehabilitation into a more effective treatment which prepares women to be responsible parents, helps them find employment, and creates mechanisms for...

Organization: Centro de Estudos e Ação em Atenção à Infância e as Drogas

Carlos Antonio Bezerra, a 26-year-old migrant to Rio de Janeiro from Brazil's Northeast, is encouraging new chemical and health research into drug addiction and is experimenting with practical new ways to deal with the growing and quite distinctive drug problems facing so many of Rio's street children.

Paula Johns is systematically addressing the question of tobacco control in Brazil by framing it as a sustainable development and public health issue, as opposed to an issue of individual choice. Paula is buiding a citizen-led movement to make the government and the tobacco industry accountable for the systemic problems related to tobacco production and consumption, with a strong focus on...

Organization: Projeto Quixote

In Brazil, as in many other countries in the developing world, the public has come to regard street children as an intractable problem for which there can be little remedy. By focusing on the children’s frequently overlooked psychological and emotional needs, Auro Lescher is helping children to escape the streets.

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